A Good Diet For Diabetic Patient

A Good Diet For Diabetic Patient

We know diabetes for many systematic problems in diet but the most important of all is your immune system which affects the working of fighting against the infection and destroys producing beta power of insulin caused by sometimes by the genes or else sometimes the environmental factors which conclude viruses and triggered this diabetes up to a level of another disease. We called the term of the disease as diabetes when our blood sugar level abnormally increases by the glucose produced in our body which provides the energy, main source in our body so we use insulin to get rid of its drastic problematic situation.

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Foods best for diabetic patient

It has always been tough to figure out the best foods to eat during a person suffering from the diabetic problem but then also our doctor anyhow tends to help us by suggesting:

  • Fatty fish: Great sources of Omega3, fatty acids like DHA and EPA protecting the cells from inflammation of arteries.
  • Leafy greens: Nutritious and lowers our calories and cabbages like leafy green vegetables were more digestible and so help in restriction of raising the blood sugar level. They were also sources to lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants help in reducing cataracts in eyes as they were common complications of diabetes.
  • Cinnamon: It was a delicious spice source to the active antioxidant improving the sensitivity of sugar level to lower blood sugar level.
  • Chia seeds: Chia seeds lower the level of sugar because it helps to restrict your hunger and absorb the food during the food eaten.
  • Greek Yogurt: One of the dairy diabetic choices which controls blood sugar and also reduces chances of heart disease and also help in the composition of type 2 diabetes and also promotes weight loss of the patient by reducing appetite.

Best diabetic diet for diabetic patient

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